Best Mermaid Horror Movies

Best Mermaid Horror Movies, Top Picks

In the documentary “Mermaids: The Body Found,” our favorite mythical creatures were painted in a dark, scary tone, which is unlike the feel-good movies we’re used to. We’ve always imagined these sea nymphs to be mesmerizingly beautiful, but the documentary seemed to portray them as the opposite.

That said, it’s actually refreshing to watch a different kind of mermaids. If these creatures do exist, what could be their true form? Exciting, isn’t it?

For now, let’s enjoy some movies. We’ve already given you some feel-good mermaid films, and this time, prepared to get scared. Here are some top picks for the best mermaid horror movies you can watch online today.

Best Mermaid Horror Movies Pick #1: Killer Mermaid (2014)

Killer Mermaid (2014) is a “slasher film” that combines mythical creatures for a nice twist. We’ve heard about and seen slasher films countless times before, but it’s not every year that we get one that features mermaids who go on a killing spree.

The film tells the story of two American women whose Mediterranean vacation turned into a nightmare when they discovered an abandoned military fortress. Would they survive?

Best Mermaid Horror Movies Pick #2: The Lure (2017)

The Lure (2017) is a Polish horror film considered as a “reworking” of “The Little Mermaid.”

It tells the story of two mermaids who left the ocean in the 1980’s to work as strippers and singers at a night club. They soon become a legit performing duo known as “The Lure.” Quite appropriate, don’t you think? Find out what happens to these carnivorous mermaids as they try to fit in to the human world. Hint: One falls in love with a human. What would she do or sacrifice to keep this love going? If you were this girl, would you do the same thing?

Note that this movie comes with English subtitles.

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