What is the Best Mermaid Shell Bra? Top Picks

Best Mermaid Shell Bra

There are two distinct things that tell you what a mermaid is – one, her fish tail; two, her shell top. If someone says “mermaid,” the image that pops into your head immediately is a beautiful tailed, shell-topped siren with beautiful wavy hair either swimming with her friends underwater or sitting on a rock near a coastline.

You can realize this image during a costume party. Here’s our top picks for the best mermaid shell bra to complete your mermaid costume.

Seashell Bra with Cord by Smiffy’s, Best Mermaid Shell Bra

Advertised as a Hawaiian shell top, you’ll find no difficulty transforming this into a mermaid shell bra. It’s 100% plastic, so there are no sharp edges like the real shells.

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Fabric Mermaid Shell Bra, Best Mermaid Shell Bra

If you don’t like those plastic scallops, perhaps you’d like a lighter option like this fabric shell bra. It’s blue, it weighs 2.2 ounces, and it’s perfect for your mermaid or Hawaiian-inspired costume parties.

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Mermaid Bikini High Waist Swimsuit

This 2-piece swimsuit features a green fish-scale bottom and a purple sea-shell type top. The green-and-purple color combination is gorgeous!

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Gradient 2-Piece Swimsuit

Also a two-piece item, you can wear this set at the beach even after your costume party is over. It’s made of 83% polyester and 17% spandex.

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