Mermaid Best Friend Necklaces That Strengthen Friendships

Mermaid Best Friend Necklaces That Seal Friendships

Remember decades ago when you and your best friend had a secret bond to be “best friends forever” and you sealed this agreement with something precious? Like a ring or a necklace, perhaps?

When you see your daughter and her best friend have that closeness that reminds you of yesteryears, you might want to gift them with mermaid best friend necklaces. Here are some top choices.

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Color-Changing Mermaid Best Friend Necklaces

This 2-piece set consists of two color-changing necklaces that feature a mermaid in each pendant. The pendants are shaped like the yin and yang, which is highly symbolic of ever-lasting friendships.

World End Imports Mermaid Necklace Set

“Give one, keep one,” says the brand. True, your daughter keeps one for herself, and she gives the other to show her affection to her best friend.

How cute are these necklaces? As you can see, the words “best” and “friends” are etched above two separate mermaids with a beautiful green tail.

Claire’s Girl’s Best Friends Mermaid Scales Heart Pendant Necklaces

Here’s another beautiful design that young girls would truly appreciate and love. The pendant comes with three main parts – a fish-scale heart, a mermaid, and the letters “BFF.”

The acronym “BFF” stands for “best friends forever,” which according to this online article traces its origins back in 1996. It was most probably used on TV during an episode of “Friends” back in 1997.

SKEINS BFF Bestie Necklaces For 3

Who says that best friends consist of only 2 people? 3 girls can be besties as well, right? For that, here’s a 3-set mermaid necklace. Just look at the cute pendant.

Wxbox Mermaid Necklace for Girls

Here’s another 3-piece set featuring a unique mermaid pendant. It shows the back side of a mermaid that seems to be deep in thought as she watches over the sea.

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