Non-Barbie, Best Mermaid Doll for Your Cute Toddler

Best Mermaid DollWhen it comes to kid’s dolls, Barbie is almost always the first brand that comes to mind. But perhaps your child already has a vast collection of Barbie’s? Worry not because there are other brands out there that can add variety to your child’s doll collection.

One mom shares that her daughter is going through a “mermaid phase.” Is your child going through the same thing? If so, these top-rated mermaid dolls will definitely make her/him smile.

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Best Mermaid Doll Pick 1: Sophia Mermaid Doll by Aurora

The Sophia Mermaid doll is an 18-inch doll made by plush-toy manufacturer Aurora World. As advertised, this doll is manufacturered in two countries, China and Indonesia.

The doll itself features a beautiful all-purple color (except the mermaid’s beautiful brown skin), which should appeal to children who are obsessed with this color.

Best Mermaid Doll Pick 2: Toysmith Bathtime Mermaid Doll

In the past, the rubber duckie is the tub toy for many children. But today, there’s a gazillion of choices, and one of them is this mermaid tub doll from Toysmith. It’s available in two colors – pink and purple. We also have a list of top-rated mermaid dolls that swim. Check them out through the link.

Best Mermaid Doll Pick 3: Mermaid Adventure Stuffed Plush Playset by GUND

This set of mermaid-theme plush toys is created especially for babies. It includes a clamshell tote case, a mermaid rattle, a seahorse crinkle, a starfish squeak toy, and a dolphin sound toy, all of which are surface-washable according to the manufacturer.

Best Mermaid Doll Pick 4: 4M Mermaid Doll Making Kit

This doll making kit unleashes your child’s creative streak by teaching him/her to create his/her own mermaid doll. It also teaches him to not be bound and content only by what’s available.

Best Mermaid Doll Pick 5: Jewel Mermaid Doll by Cabbage Patch Kids

This mermaid doll by Cabbage Patch Kids is a cute, one-of-a-kind doll that stands out above the rest. It’s soft, and it smells like baby powder, says one mom who bought one for her child.

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