Mermaid Invitations

Plan A Mermaid Birthday Party: Mermaid Invitations

You can always DIY a party invitation, but if you’re pressed for time, you might want to give the job to the experts. Or purchase a ready-to-print set. All you have to do is to wait for them to appear at your doorstep.

A mermaid-themed party is no doubt a magical and fun event. For as long as we’re fascinated about these half-fish, half-woman mythical creatures, this theme never grows old.

Here’s our top picks for awesome mermaid invitations, which you can purchase at POD giant Zazzle.

Under the Sea Invite

We love everything about this mermaid invitation – from the colors up to the fonts! The thing is, it looks like there’s a lot of things going on, but everything is in perfect harmony, just like the many creatures in the ocean. What do you think about the glittery gold accents?

Mermaid Birthday Party Invitation

Perfect for kiddie parties (and even baby showers), this mermaid invite features a mermaid tail, a cute tortoise, corals, and lots of star fish in the background.

Glitter Mermaid Invitation

Note that this invitation is fully customizable. You can use it for your child’s birthday party, or for yourself, on your 35th birthday bash.

Splish Splash Mermaid Birthday Invitation

This is obviously different from the previous invitations. It gives you a much darker feel, but it’s still kid-friendly. There’s no glitters and other sea creatures, just a mermaid tail and sea bubbles.

Mermaid + Unicorn Invitations

If you both love mermaids and unicorns, what better way to host a birthday party than to combine both themes. Take a look at this invite. Isn’t it more than cute?

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