Best Mermaid Shirts

Reward Yourself with These Best Mermaid Shirts

Why are mermaids all the rage these days? According to this Forbes article, the answer is simple. Mermaids put a smile to everyone’s face. They make everyone happy, and they’re beautiful.

Do you agree?

We do, but let’s add that the fantasy element of mermaids takes us back to our childhood days, which are always fun to reminisce. Plus, we want mermaids to exist really badly, and somehow, we continue to cling on to the idea that someday, a real mermaid will finally show her face to humans.

Now, let’s cut to these selections of best mermaids shirts.

Always Be Yourself… Then Be a Mermaid Shirt

This is a witty and inspirational statement shirt that reads: Always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid then be a mermaid. Isn’t that cute?

But yup, the message is loud and clear. This empowering message reminds you to be confident in your own skin no matter what the situation is. People would try to fit you into a certain “standard” or mold, but if you’re confident enough, you wouldn’t be listening to these people.

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I’m Done Adulting

This mermaid statement shirt is quite funny. The whole text reads “I’m done adulting. Let’s be mermaids.” Everyone can relate to this. A lot of times, you don’t want to be confronted by the consequences of being an adult. There’s the constant billing statements, the endless hours and stress at work…. name it. Whatever life throws at you, though, don’t forget to smile and be happy.

Always be a Mermaid

From the stories we were given about mermaids, we know that being a mermaid can be both a curse and a blessing. Let’s take the positive side here. When we say “Always be a Mermaid,” we mean free-spirited, fast, and powerful.

I’m Really a Mermaid

This should put everyone you meet a smile to their face. The shirt’s text reads “I’m Really a Mermaid.” How cute is that?

Faux Real Women’s Mermaid Shirt

This is advertised as a “costume,” but it should make a nice shirt for sleeping. It’s comfortable, and the print makes every mermaid fan super happy.

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